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CineStar, the biggest cinema chain in Southeast Europe announced that is opening its latest multiplex in 2022 in Kosovo, as part of the new Prishtina Mall, one of the largest destinational shopping malls and entertainment hubs in Southeast Europe.

In 2019, CineStar was awarded the „International Exhibitor of the Year“, an award by International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) that declared Blitz-CineStar the best theatrical exhibitor in Europe in 2019. The „International Exhibitor of the Year “award was presented to Blitz-CineStar at Cine Europe Convention in Barcelona, as a company that keeps raising the bar and creating continuous growth. As the biggest cinema chain in Southeast Europe, Cinestar with its openings next year, including Prishtina, will have 28 sites with 182 screens and almost 28.000 seats.

Mrs. Jadranka Islamović, CEO and member of the board stated: “We are very happy about this partnership with Prishtina Mall, and we are announcing a completely new cinematic experience to Kosovo citizens, our well-known five-star cinema standard. CineStar cinemas are known for their beautiful interiors, superior technology, as well as excellent service that we are constantly improving. We are very much looking forward to Kosovo.”CineStar investments present one of the most modern cinemas in Southeast Europe, equipped with the latest technology, a variety of specialty screens and multifunctional space designed to offer a fully immersive cinema experience and serve as the main destination for the entire family entertainment.

The new site in Kosovo is expected to be one of the most prestigious and most beautiful cinema sites with emphasis on providing the best cinema experience, with investments on innovation, CineStar will be one of the leading exhibitors in the region as well as Europe, making Prishtina Mall a unique destination.

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